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Analyze how street traffic affects your revenue and make all the right decisions
Sometimes financial indicators alone are not enough to assess your staff’s or exterior’s performance. How many potential clients have passed your location yesterday? Today? How has the promotion or the new exterior design affect the number of visitors and revenue?

Compare the conversion between external and internal traffic. What was happening inside the store during that time? Get a bigger picture to base your decisions on
Visius will help you analyze the traffic to find the strengths of your business
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Visius supports most IP cameras that businesses already have installed for the purposes of surveillance.
All you need for connecting is the link. Video is processed in real time
Connect a video camera
Change locations and date ranges in the right-hand panel of settings.
Only select the days you need for an in-depth analysis of your potential location
Configure your analytics using filters
Not only does Visius collect traffic data but it also provides averaged values for faster assessment.
For example, your store has been visited by no less than 350 people per hour at an average this month.
Use the resulting analytics
What is a traffic count?
Traffic count, or traffic flow measurement, is the process of obtaining data on the number of people passing by a certain location, e.g., a cafe or a point of sales, for a given period. The more traffic flow a location has, the more people will see your signboard and visit your store.

Analyzing pedestrian traffic will help in business diagnostics. Knowing the daily traffic at the location of your point of sales, you can monitor the conversion of any of your marketing activities and the quality of service.

The most accurate way to measure traffic is to take a video of the entrance area and count how many people have passed by in a given period (e.g., an hour or a day).
How does Visius work?
The analysis is usually conducted manually by a specialist who watches the video and gives the total "head count". Visius simplifies this process: it recognized people and counts them automatically

To get started, you need to sign up and connect your IP camera to recordfor a few weeks before to the activities in questions and during those.
How should I take the videos and using what cameras?
It’s best to access IP cameras that are already installed. You can connect to most models that support external access via an RTSP link.

A longer way would be to use a dash cam or a portable camera with a resolution of at least 720p (HD). Install it in a car looking at the entrance of the potential store/cafe or fix it on a tree or a lamppost.

It is important that the camera does not move during the process — and the people being recorded are moving. Recording on the move or while holding the camera in your hands will provide inaccurate results. We recommend to choose a filming angle where people are filmed at full height and no one person blocks the view of all other pedestrians.
How to connect an IP camera?
To connect a camera, you need to create a link of the "rtsp:// … " format with an external IP address to give access to the video stream.

Please contact your organization’s system administrator to open external access on the router. Also contact the organization that installed the IP camera to obtain the access link.

If you have personal access to the router settings, you can try to connect following these instructions.
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